Do you want more control over your investments? Are you tired of unpredictable, high risk and low return investments such as the stock market, mutual funds, and bonds? We would like to introduce you to one of the most powerful, predictable, consistent, low risk, passive income strategies to growth your wealth in any market, in good times and bad times. Here at we work with notes that offer high yields, fixed rates of return, predictable and consistent short term investments that are secured by a hard assets?

We believe in making money the way banks make money. Banks don’t buy annuities, CDs, mutual funds, stocks, gold, or even real estate. Banks buy debt! Banks loan money at a fixed interest rate, for a fixed period of time, secured by collateral, at a low LTV (Loan To Value). Then they compound their earnings by doing it over and over again.

We search out and focus on high yield small notes sometimes referred to as partials. The strategy is to purchase a specified amount of payments, such as 24 or 36 months of a performing note. These notes are like a loan but you’re buying a set amount of payments at a fixed rate of return secured by a first lien on the house. Our strategy of note investing is virtually risk free since the investor becomes the first lien holder at a very low loan to value(LTV) until all agreed upon payments are paid back in full. With our notes you either get paid or you get the house and at a very steep discount.

These notes pay between 8% – 12% fixed interest, with the possibility of much higher yields if paid off early. The notes are purchased at a discount so if they payoff early the investors yield goes through the roof.

Advantages of Note Investing

Risk – Everything has it’s risks but with note investing it’s hard to find them. In fact you have many opportunities being positioned at such a low cost into the deal.

Collateral – Because the investor becomes the first lien holder makes investing in notes a lower risk than most investments.

Passive Cashflow – Like a landlord you receive monthly payments. The major difference is that you are the bank and not the owner.

High Yield – Like real estate investing you make your money when you buy. Private mortgage investors purchase at a pre-determined discount and at a high yield.

Velocity -Small notes pay off faster. We focus on smaller notes to get investments back as quickly as possible.

Power of Compounding – ‘The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest’ – Albert Einstein. Reinvesting earnings to purchase even more small, high yield quick turn notes makes for a great way to compound your already High ROI notes. Learn more about compounding.

Volume – It is much easier to manage a high volume of notes compared to having to manage the actual property like a landlord or real estate investor would. The one problem is it’s not that easy finding enough notes to get wealthy.

Low Management Cost – Servicing a loan through a professional servicing company costs $15 to $25 per month. Compare this to an actual Real Estate rental property manager costing upwards of 10% to 15% or one full months rent at a similar monthly cash flow amount.

Liability – Less liability as compared to being a landlord. If someone slips and falls they don’t go after the lender. Owning a note you’re the lender and not the owner.

You are the Bank. Although your receiving payments you’re not the landlord. You are the bank. Therefore you don’t deal with tenants, trash, termites, taxes or insurance. You don’t need to worry about fixing the toilet in the middle of the night, replacing the HVAC, redoing the plumbing, fixing the roof, no preventative maintenance, no lawn care worries etc..

Location – location is not as big a factor as it might be to a real estate investor. It’s easier to own notes, especially short term notes in areas you might not want to buy and hold real estate.

Why note investing and not land lording?
Note investors are the bank. Note investors don’t have to buy insurance. Note investors don’t worry about tenants, trash, termites, or taxes. Where can landlords get consistent appreciation of 8% to 12% on their real estate? Besides all costs involved, if they have one or two months that a rental property goes unoccupied can wipe out that years profit.

Why note investing and not the stock market.
When purchasing stocks you buy at retail and hope the stock or mutual fund goes up in value. Stocks are not secured by anything and don’t forget about the warning mutual funds come with …Past Performance Is Not Indicative Of Future Results. Note investing is safe, predictable and guaranteed by a hard asset. Stock investing is more akin to gambling.

What happens if my note becomes non performing?
This is the risk in note investing but because you’ve purchased at a discounted low loan to value you have many options to preserve your capital and even make a larger profit than you bargained for.

How does WeBuyContracts get paid?
The seller pays us. Never does the buyer/note investor pay us anything, no hidden costs. Nothing! We find the note, negotiate a discount to include our fee and offer to the end investor at a fixed rate of return of 8% to 12%.

What happens if I end up with a house do to non payment.
As note investors were not in the business to get the house, we just want the payments. But if it happens it can actually works out to be the most profitable outcome. Since your loan to value is on average below 40% you can sell to another investor, double your money and still leave room for the buying investor to make money. Actually the worst case scenario / least profitable for the us note buyers is if the note goes full term and pays the original agreed upon return rate or 8 to 12%. In fact some people invest in notes in hopes of building their real estate portfolios. Alternatively you can keep it as a rental or seller finance it to someone else. Either way your payments are now even higher than before.

Other Advantages…

Short Term
LTV on average is 40%
Secured by Real Estate
Title Company Closings
Insurance & Escrow
Recorded in the county recorders office and becomes public record.
Serviced by Servicer

Note Investing can be done using…
Self Directed IRAs (Pay No Taxes)
Savings Account
Pension Plan
Mattress Money